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Homezore™ Polygel Nail Kit

Homezore™ Polygel Nail Kit

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The Homezore™ Polygel Nail Kit is the ultimate at-home nail salon experience. With six acrylic nail gel colors, a top coat polish, a base coat polish, a nail mold set suitable for all nail shapes, slip solution, a nail clipper, and a brush polish, you can craft your own nails within minutes.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Instructions are easy to follow: file the nail surface lightly, apply a very thin layer of base coat, and cure it under UV/LED lamp. Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip, apply Poly extension gel on nail mold, use nail art pen with Slip Solution to make gel smooth. Stick it to your real nail, make sure it is fully plying up, and cure it under UV/LED lamp. Remove the false nail tip, trim the shape and polish your nails. Apply top coat and cure it under UV/LED lamp. Design your nail with your satisfied patterns. If the weather is cold, soak the supplements in hot water before using.

Effortless Removal
Removing the nails is also easy: file poly gel down to a thin layer using a nail file or drill, soak cotton with 100% Acetone, place cotton on top of the nail and wrap with foil for 15 min, remove softened gel using the cuticle stick. Any remaining gel should be filed off with nail file. Get the salon-quality nails you deserve with the Homezore™ Polygel Nail Kit.

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