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Homezore™ Multi-Functional Cleaning Shovel

Homezore™ Multi-Functional Cleaning Shovel

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Revolutionizing Garden Maintenance
Think your gardening trowel is just for shoveling soil? Think again. The Homezore™ Multi-Functional Cleaning Shovel not only clears garden moss, but its sharp manganese steel blade also tackles stubborn stickers on walls and floors, manure in sheds, and much more.

Highly Durable for a Variety of Tasks
Crafted with a highly wear-resistant, thickened manganese steel saw blade steel, this shovel is hardened with special technology to ensure it's both strong and durable. Beyond just scraping, this ultimate garden tool can clear leaves and debris and clean sidewalks and pavements. It's a must-have for gardeners and homeowners alike.

Easy to Use and Incredibly Versatile
This versatile cleaning shovel makes quick work of garden problems like weeding and moss removal, and is also handy for cleaning manure from farm sheds, removing ice, and peeling small advertising stickers from floors and walls. With strong welded joints and a hole for a wooden handle, this shovel offers easy attachment and a wide range of uses.
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