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Homezore™ Magnetic Eyelashes

Homezore™ Magnetic Eyelashes

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Easy Lash Application with Our Magnetic Applicator
Get ready to apply false eyelashes in seconds. Our innovative magnetic applicator makes the process faster, easier and safer. With no need for glue or chemicals, it leaves a long-lasting curl without damaging your makeup or eyes.

Say Goodbye to Mess and Irritation
Our magnetic lashes are safer to use than non-magnetic ones because they don't require any glue or chemicals that can harm your eyes. The best part? No more mess and irritation caused by glue or magnetic liners. Our curved-shape applicator safely applies your lashes with precision, making it easy for anyone to achieve beautiful lashes in no time.

Reusable and Lasts All Day
Made of high-quality stainless steel alloy, the magnets easily hold all day long. The premium synthetic fiber of the eyelash hairs adds a natural and wispy appearance. With proper care, your magnetic lashes can last up to 3 months, making it an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional lashes.
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Are they reusable?

Yes! If looked after properly and stored in their case after each use, they can last up to 3 months. 

Does it come with the magnetic applicator?

Yes, the package includes the magnetic applicator.

If they are so easy to apply, won't they just fall off?

Nope! Whilst the magnets are small and soft, they are still strong enough to hold firmly in place the entire day so they do not fall off.

Are they safe?

Yes! They're even safer to use than other false lashes as ours do not need lash glue, magnetic eyeliner or any harmful chemicals.

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