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Homezore™ HD Mini Projector

Homezore™ HD Mini Projector

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If you're planning on carrying your projector around a lot, then Portable Movie Projector is definitely a great choice. This compact, palm-sized projector is portable and lightweight and weighs less than 3 pounds. You can put it in your backpack or bag to conveniently take it to the backyard, bedroom, balcony, classroom, meeting room, or any place where you want to view big-screen multimedia.

The 4-point keystone correction is an essential feature that makes Portable Movie Projector perfect for viewing in many different projection scenarios. By correcting the image angles and adjusting image corners, or permitting the growing and shrinking of the image manually, Boxe achieves the perfect picture anywhere without any limitations.

When we were kids, we could only dream about having our own theater. Now, Portable Movie Projector makes your dream come true. With 1080P support, excellent contrast ratio, and accurate colors, it’s ready to cast a stunning image into giant 120-inch screen size. Incredibly impressive movie nights are now easier than ever and it’s time to savor the brilliant visual experience delivered by Portable Movie Projector!

Portable Movie Projector connects easily with devices and networks using Bluetooth or Airplay wireless connections, making it convenient to use and flexible for many situations. Displaying Netflix movies, showcasing PowerPoint presentations, or Singing Karaoke has never been easier and everything is smoother and more effortless than before.

Underneath this cute shell, Boxe has countless amazing qualities. Boxe is exceedingly safe from dust due to its insulated lens, which prevents dust from falling onto the lens. As a result of a built-in advanced LED light source, it has a lifespan of 25,000 hours.  Portable Movie Projector is here to add endless enjoyment to your life.
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