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AirChill™ Cooling Blanket

AirChill™ Cooling Blanket

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Return Policy

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Say Goodbye To All Your Sweaty Problems

If night sweats, heavy blankets, or muggy nights are keeping you awake at night, then our AirChill™ - Cooling blanket is a must-have for you!


Cooling Technology

Made with Breathable Microfiber Silky Fabric, our 60" x 80" AirChill™ Cooling Blanket will absorb your body heat causing your body temperature to drop within minutes.

Soft And Breathable

The bottom side with solid color is soft, silky, and gentle on sensitive skin. Breathable blankets make a great experience for you, whether you're snuggled up on your bed or couch, in the car, or enjoying summer camping trips. 


Easy Care

Our AirChill™ Cooling Blanket is extremely easy to wash! It is suitable for machine wash in cold water or hand washing. (Do not bleach. Please hang it on the clothes hanger vertically and dry it in a cool ventilated area) 


Cooling Blanket All Year Long!

Summer, Spring, Fall, or Winter our AirChill™ Cooling Blanket Technology will give your body the temperature that it needs during all seasons. 

The Perfect Blanket!  

Get cozy with this cooling blanket, perfect for snuggling up on the couch, bed, car, office nap, movie night, travel, park, beach, swimming pool, train, high-speed rail, aircraft, or any occasion. Take our sleeping blanket anywhere you want an extra soft and comfortable rest! The cooling blanket is also suitable for dogs, cats, and baby-tender skin.

One Size - Great Idea for a Gift

 In order to meet all your needs, our cooling blankets are available in a one size fits all design. Order the AirChill™ Cooling Blanket for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend or loved one. An excellent choice for Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, housewarming, Wedding Registry, Birthday, Holidays, or other special occasions. 

Product Q&A

Why called Cooling Blanket? how does it keep me cool?

AirChill™ Cooling Blanket is made with Japanese Arch-Chill cooling fibers that absorb body heat to keep you cool. If you want cooler or want to stay cool longer, we recommend using air conditioners and fans to cool cold fabrics and make them feel cooler.

Are the cooling blankets machine washable and tumble dry?

Yes, our blanket is machine washable. When using the dryer, please set it to low-temperature drying or no heating drying. Because our cooling blanket is made of special cold fibers materials, drying at high temperatures may damage the cold fibers. In addition, the material of our blankets is quick-drying material, you don't need to worry that there is no place to try it.

Are lightweight cooling blankets summer safe for everyone?

Yes, most people are perfectly safe with the lightweight cooling blanket. It is safe for babies and toddlers. Also, it is suitable for dogs and cats.

How about Cooling Technology?

Cooling blankets for hot sleepers and night sweats are breathable, soft, comfortable, and gentle on sensitive skin. It instantly feels cool on your skin when you touch this summer blanket. Tips: Our cooling blanket will be even cooler when used in an air-conditioned room or used with a fan.

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